Automatic Garage Door Openers: Add comfort to your life.

No more getting out of the car in nasty weather to open or close your garage door. Your overhead garage door opener is a motorized device that automatically opens and closes your garage door – simply press a button on your remote control from within your car.

The current market offers a variety of garage door openers. Most units rely on rolling code technology. Encoders/decoders in the transmitter and the receiver work on a rolling code that prevents burglars from recording a code and replaying it to open your garage door.

Most overhead garage door opener systems use a chain drive, belt drive, or a screw drive to operate the door. The chain drive is the noisiest. Screw drive systems are quieter than the chain drive. The rubber belt is the quietest of the main three, and has steel reinforcement similar to a tire.

Most of today’s overhead garage door openers have additional features such as a courtesy light that turns on when the door opens and automatically turns off after a preset amount of time. Optional motion sensors will turn on the light when someone enters the garage. A remote lockout feature turns off the radio receiver while you are on vacation. The optional accessories have increased such as wireless keypads and keychain remotes.

UL safety codes specify that the door must be in line-of-sight of the person operating the door for safety reasons.


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