Locksmith Security Devices Available

There are many different security device suggestions that are provided through locksmith expertise. We offer all of the following and others. For more information please call us at 877-562-5155

  • Window Locks

These are locks that are designed to deter a break in because it is a bother to try and open. These locks need to be different from those used on doors. Windows slide open, but there are locks to prevent them from being opened because it won’t allow the window to slide. Window locks also prevent windows from being lifted out of the frame either.

  • Security Alarm

There are a variety of security alarms in different price ranges and needs. Full systems and partial systems are available. These systems are installed in various locations including houses, condos, apartments, residence halls, stores and townhouses.

  • Window Film

This is designed to keep window glass in place even if destroyed. It could be shattered with a hammer or other tool, hit by flying debris in a storm, a rock hitting it or any other such damage. It is also used to keep it sealed so the glass doesn’t shatter all over the place as well as keeping the rain and wind outside. This is a security film. Another element of this is protecting the location from UV rays as well as helping save energy costs.

  • Charlie Bars

These are used to keep glass doors from being opened by criminals. Charlie bars are seen and it is an added idea to prevent entry. It is thought they would decide it wasn’t worth their effort. They might go to a location that is easier to enter. It is placed where it prevents the door from moving to open. It locks easily and the owner can undo it easily as well from the inside.

  • Motion Sensor Lights

A variety of motion sensor lights are available. This includes size, style and type variations. Often these are powered with solar panels. The motion sensor lights are usually put outside such as on a deck, near doors, garage, walk ways and driveway. If there is movement in the area the motion sensor light turns on and lasts as long as it is set to light up.

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