Shatter-proof Laminate for Windows

Laminated, Shatter proof Glass DigramTake a look at the windows on your first floor.  Would they be easy for a burglar to break as a means of gaining entrance to the house?  If so, do you have motion sensors on them that are hooked up to a central alarm system?  If you don’t, then it’s time to spend some quality time with those windows.  You can use shatterproof laminate to treat them.

It’s fairly easy for burglars to gain entrance–most of the time they just find something laying around your yard (i.e. a landscaping rock), throw it through the window, and they’re in the house.  Ok, you could just get rid of the rocks, but that’s not always practical–what if your neighbor has rocks?

If money isn’t a concern (lucky you), you can get a burglar alarm and security windows.  But if you need a more low-cost way to protect your family, try the shatterproof laminate application.  This is basically a protective sheet that you stick to your windows in order to reinforce them.  It doesn’t mess with the views, and it doesn’t cost nearly as much as getting the glass replaced.  Shatterproof laminate won’t make the windows indestructable, but it’s definitely designed to give them extra strength.  Even if a burglar breaks the window, it’s not likely he’ll be able to get into the house.

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